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Alappuzha, Kerala

kerala ayurveda

Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala is an enchanting place in South India. It is one of the most beautiful destinations in South India. Kerala is very famously known as God's Own Country. After looking serene beauty of Kerala, it is believed that God himself created this land for his stay. Kerala is most prominent place in South India, visited by millions of people visited every year. Kerala is known for its spices and famous fish curry dishes. Kerala is full of beautiful lakes and green valleys, and backwaters. These natural beauties of Kerala are unique natural beauty and major attraction of travelers. Kerala is now getting famous for Ayurveda tour too.

Kerala Ayurveda is getting common and taken by most of the travelers. Ayurveda treatment is done from Vedic style with herbs and ayurveda. It is the best mean to reunite mind, body and soul and get healthy body. There are many ayurveda centers in Kerala which are famous for best treatment in ayurveda. These are well known for curing many diseases and treatment given with herbal treatment to patients. Ayurveda treatment gives a healthy society. It is the perfect way to rejunivate and build healthy mind.

Ayurveda treatment is the best known treatment for many diseases done with herbal treatment. It is an enchanting treatment creating healthy body and mind. People from all over the world come to India for ayurveda tour and especially to Kerala. It is so because Kerala is perfect destination to rejunivate with natural beauty and ayurvedic treatment. Many centers are there in Kerala providing ayurvedic treatment centers.

Major treatments done in ayurveda centers are:-

  • Sirodhara
  • Sirovasthy
  • Abhyangam
  • Pizhichil
  • Body massage with herbal powder
  • Njavarakizhi
  • Nasyam
  • Lepanam
  • Karma Dhoopanam
  • Tharpanam
  • Mukhalepam
  • Rejunivation Massage
  • General Massage
  • Herbal steam bath
  • Kizhi
  • Kativasthy
  • Vasthi
  • Elakazhi
  • Thalam
  • Thalapothichil

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